For every Mama Maya baby blanket purchased, we give at least one other mama the opportunity of a cleaner, safer birth


New mother receives care from health worker in Ethiopia. Image courtesy of Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)

We're so proud to partner with Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia), providing clean birthing kits and training programs to over 30 partners operating in around 20 countries.


The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) works to provide a clean and safe birthing environment for women in developing countries to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality. 

The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) also partners with organisations and communities to advocate, educate and provide support and resources to improve the outcomes for birthing mothers and their babies.

What your purchase provides


Birth attendants training in use of Birthing Kits in India. Image courtesy of Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)

For every Mama Maya Baby Blanket purchased, we provide funding for at least one clean birthing kit and caregiver training to ensure that at least one other mama worldwide will be able to access a cleaner and safer birth. 

Birthing Kits

Birthing kits contain 6 basic items:

x  a plastic sheet
x  gauze squares
x  sterile scalpel blade
x  soap
x  gloves
x  string

They enable mothers to give birth in a cleaner environment, reducing post-natal infections for both mother and baby.


The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) also funds training programs to educate birth attendants and community health workers. This complements kit distribution, empowers through education, and promotes sustainable change.


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